After 14 boys, Michigan couple finally welcome first baby girl to the family

“I get a woman lastly in the household, but it is a granddaughter, so I get to spoil her at a different level without the young boys feeling it,” Kateri stated at the time.

FacebookMaggie comes by two years after the Schwandts invited their first granddaughter, Luciana Joan, on June 14, 2018.

FacebookHave you ever waited 3 decades for something to happen and live to see it emerge? Im sure just a couple of fortunate people would state they have, including this couple from Michigan.

The newborn was born at Mercy Health Saint Marys Hospital in Grand Rapids on November 5. She weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces and went into the world with 14 older siblings to monitor her.

Their third child, Drew– who was 21 at the time– and his high school sweetie, Anelene Mellin, are the valuable little girls parents.

Jay and Kateri could not include their happiness at the arrival of their brand-new infant, specifically since they thought they d never ever have a child.

Kateri Schwandt and Jay Schwandt, both 45, have a growing home. They have 14 boys, and they just recently invited another package of delight in their lives– a child girl they named Maggie Jayne!

“This year has actually been memorable in so many ways, for so numerous reasons, however Maggie is the best gift we might ever picture,” Jay informed the Detroit Free Press.

“I constantly questioned what it would resemble to have a lady in our house. Were about to find out,” Jay stated at that time.

Now, they lastly understand what its truly like!

A couple who shares a similar fate with the Schwandts is Alexis Brett and her spouse, David Brett.

We can just picture what its like to have such big families. The one thing were sure of is that their homes are continuously filled with lots of happiness, laughter, and love!

FacebookDespite parenting many kids, the couple had the ability to pursue their dream careers. Kateri made a masters degree in social work from Grand Valley State University. Jay holds a law degree from Western Michigan Universitys Thomas M. Cooley Law School and owns a land surveying business.

The set, who are from Scotland, are parents to 10 young boys. After 15 years, they were blessed with a child girl!

FacebookTyler Schwandt, 28, their oldest child, said his moms and dads werent too enthusiastic about getting a daughter, specifically after having 14 children consecutively. Due to the absence of females in their household, he wasnt even sure if there were any pink items in the household home.

They connected the knot in 1993 before they went to Ferris State University. Prior to they earned their diplomas, the couple currently had 3 children.

Tyler is engaged to be wed and just recently acquired a house 20 minutes far from his parents 200-acre farm.

Kateri and Jay share a long history together. They started dating when they were freshmen, and both of them went to Gaylord High School and Gaylord St. Marys.

The Schwandts are utilized to being in the spotlight. In fact, theyve been included continually in nationwide and local news as their household has grown. They have a livestreaming program called “14 Outdoorsmen,” a show that undoubtedly requires a new name.

FacebookCameron got here on August 27, 2019, and weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. Theyre delighted over their daughters arrival, Alexis and David said that attempting to have a woman isnt the factor why their household has actually grown so huge.

FacebookDespite parenting lots of kids, the couple was able to pursue their dream professions. Kateri earned a masters degree in social work from Grand Valley State University. Jay holds a law degree from Western Michigan Universitys Thomas M. Cooley Law School and owns a land surveying service.

“Weve been asked a lot whether weve had many children because we were wishing for that elusive lady. But I can honestly address no. Cameron wasnt prepared, but I mored than happy all the very same, and if another kid had been on the way it would not have bothered me,” Alexis stated.

“Weve been asked a lot whether weve had so numerous children because we were hoping for that elusive girl. Cameron wasnt prepared, however I was delighted all the same, and if another boy had actually been on the way it wouldnt have actually bothered me,” Alexis stated.

“I do not even know if my mother owns any pink clothing– or anything,” he said.

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