‘I started having panic attacks. Bad ones. No rhyme or reason for them. It greatly impacted my life.’

I made a strategy. I would simply discover the exits as quickly as we got there in case I had an anxiety attack. I was still horrified. Mistie drove all the method down from OH to select me up in NC, then we went to TN. I was a wreck. I went from delighted to worried at least 100 times on the 2 1/2 hour journey.

Thanks To Rita K. DillsI reasoned that I had seen Garth on the World Tour with Trisha years earlier. I could make it without going to this show. Probably no anxiety attack if I remained house, you see. As the performance got better the panic was still there but so was the desire to go. I prayed a lot. Taken a look at my old concert pictures. Realized that Mistie had done so much to get the tickets. I chose to go.

I was feeling stressed. When the opening act started, I still felt worried and anxious. I wasnt sure I was going to make it.

Things can change. Sometimes you discover convenience and strength in the most unlikely locations. Do not get me incorrect, some days are a battle. I will face it because I went to an arena with 85,000 people and it was freaking incredible!

I felt such panic if I was in a space with more than a couple of individuals. It feels like you may die, at least that is how it felt for me. I attempted whatever to manage them. Medications prescribed by the doctor. Methods to control them taught by the therapist. Absolutely nothing appeared to help. They simply became a way of life.

I am still driving. No big crowds because March, however I am looking forward to my next performance, whenever its safe to do so!

When I drive, Garth and Trisha are constantly playing. I find it assists. This weeks tunes have actually been We Shall Be Free, Every Girl in this Town, Thats What Cowboys Do, and Shallow.

You see, she understands I love all things Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. I was so fired up. I was also definitely freaking terrified. I almost backed out a lot of times. I cataloged every reason I might use in my brain. As much as I wanted to see Garth, the panic was overwhelming and the concert was still weeks away.

Courtesy of Rita K. DillsA few years ago, I started having panic attacks. I was unable to drive the brief commute to work. I had to get flights from friends and household members to work and all over else.

Courtesy of Rita K. DillsA few years earlier, I started having panic attacks. As much as I wanted to see Garth, the panic was overwhelming and the concert was still weeks away.

Think me if it were that easy, we would do it in a heart beat. Then my buddy Mistie got us tickets to see Garth Brooks in Knoxville– in Neyland Stadium– with practically 85,000 people.

I was managed by the panic for many years. PSA: If someone in your life is struggling with anxiety attack, anxiety conditions, or anxiety, please never ever, ever inform them to simply get over it.

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I did meet the nicest Garth fans who distracted me by informing me about all the performances they had actually been to. That assisted. Then the countdown for Garth to come on stage began. I was still worried but the excitement in the arena was contagious.

I went to restaurants. I went grocery shopping. Primarily in your area, however well enough to get to work and do errands.

As the performance got better the panic was still there however so was the desire to go. I would simply find the exits as soon as we got there in case I had a panic attack. I am not stating that going to a Garth concert can cure panic attacks.

Mistie was incredible. She was so motivating. “One Step at a Time.” and “You get to go to a Garth concert at the end. Just bear in mind that.” were the affirmations of the day. We did whatever from parking to getting to our seats, one step at a time.

It was electrical when he came on stage. The performance was incredible from start to complete. I laughed, I yelled, I sobbed, I sang. I didnt have a panic attack. I got so lost in the music therefore lost in the efficiency, that I forgot whatever else.

It was soothing to my soul. I am not saying that going to a Garth show can cure anxiety attack. If that were the case, he would be a lot more popular than he is now, if thats possible. I am stating there is a reason that Garth is the Entertainer of a Lifetime.

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