Cheerleader inspires the world with positivity after double leg amputation, gets hero’s welcome

” It was simply gorgeous,” she stated. “She has actually remained positive and held us through it and, nearly in a manner, made it much easier on us.”

That day, Sarah got all dolled up with the assistance of her nurses and physical therapists. Given that Sarah couldnt leave the center, her buddies took her to the actual celebration by FaceTiming with her throughout the dance.

They lined the medical facilitys exit to bid her bye-bye, and once she was out of the health center, her pals, household, and high school classmates invited her house with a police-escorted parade.

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FacebookAlthough faced with the hardest battle of her young life, this teenage woman from Syracuse, Utah, never when let her spirit dwindle even after a double leg amputation.

Facebook” I didnt recognize how huge it could be,” Sarah informed “Good Morning America.” “Once we d pass [people], they d participate in behind, holding indications.”

Her household has actually likewise established a GoFundMe page to help support her medical expenses and the cost of remodeling their home to be totally wheelchair-accessible.

Somebody as brave as her been worthy of a homecoming like no other, so her physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and the University of Utah cheerleading squad came together to amaze her as she wheeled out of the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital in Salt Lake City.

” Everyone who has assisted us has actually been so helpful, which shows that we simply have all this love that we should not take for granted which people are constantly there for us, there for me,” Sarah said. “I think its great for other individuals to understand that theyre not alone, whichs something that Ive found out.”

Sarahs strength and nerve are truly phenomenal, and her story only proves that a positive state of mind and mindset truly have the power to alter our lives!

” She made our task very easy since she desired to work very difficult every day,” said Dr. Venessa Lee, the spinal cord injury attending who worked with Sarah at Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital. “We would attempt to provide her authorization to grumble or to state its OKAY to have a bad day or be bad-tempered, and she never complained.”

Sarahs injury is a T11 spine injury, which suggests shell probably require to utilize a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Even with that sort of life-changing news, Sarah didnt give up. Instead, she would focus on options, inquiring whats next and what they can do about it.

The assistance of her good friends likewise assisted Sarah throughout her healing. They ensured she never missed out on anything and discovered a method to include her in the homecoming dance.

Sarah Frei, 17, and her good friends were on their way house from Bear Lake in July when the unimaginable occurred. Sarahs 3 other pals were all severely injured, however she was the one who suffered the worst. Sarahs injury is a T11 spine cord injury, which indicates shell most likely require to utilize a wheelchair for the rest of her life. That day, Sarah got all dolled up with the help of her nurses and physical therapists. Because Sarah couldnt leave the center, her pals took her to the real party by FaceTiming with her during the dance.

Sarah plans to complete her schoolwork while in rehab and graduate on time with her senior class this year. She dreams of ending up being a teacher someday.

Everybody around Sarah cant assist but be surprised by her large decision and optimism after the double leg amputation. What occurred to her is heartbreaking and tragic, yet she was able to maintain a positive outlook on life.

And a day after getting home, Sarah– a cheerleader and a high school senior– joined her colleagues on the field for the last house football game of the season.

Sarah Frei, 17, and her friends were on their way home from Bear Lake in July when the unthinkable took place. A truck coming from the opposite direction came drifting around the corner and struck their lorry head-on. Investigators later on found out that the motorist was drunk.

FacebookEven the medical personnel who took care of Sarah can testify to her unbelievable spirit and nerve.

FacebookWith her unmatched strength after a double leg amputation, Sarah had the ability to inspire not just her family and good friends but also 10s of thousands of individuals worldwide who follow her story on Facebook and Instagram.

After the double leg amputation, 20 surgeries and 75 days in the hospital, Sarah finally came home on October 14.

Her mom, Amy Frei, feels pleased with her daughter for being so brave and strong.

Sarahs 3 other good friends were all badly hurt, but she was the one who suffered the worst. She had internal bleeding, damage to her abdominal aorta, a damaged back and spine, a broken ankle, and facial fractures. Both of her legs had actually to be amputated at mid-thigh.

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