K-9 wears uniform for annual ID photo shoot and becomes internet’s handsomest pup

” K-9 Chico is a valued member of our group and we were delighted to see his image bring smiles to numerous faces. He has actually belonged to the Orange County Sheriffs Office for 4 and a half years but in dog years this photo celebrates 35 years of dedicated service,” Myers said.

The image has actually received 6.7 K likes and 10K shares considering that it was posted on October 23. Chico is a genuine charmer!

InstagramPolice pets are extremely valued members of law enforcement. When hes off-duty, Chico is simply like your routine pet.

Chico has dealt with his handler, Corporal Robert Lees, for 4 and a half years. In spite of being a member of the force for rather a long time, this is the very first time hes worn a humans police uniform.

Obviously, Chico isnt new to social networks fame. On August 26, the constables office kicked off National Dog Day by sharing an amusing image of the canine using a set of blue shades.

This handsome puppy and all the other canines like him should have all the recognition. Share this story with your loved ones to honor these mighty cops dogs!

Looking handsome in his handlers uniform, Chico happily posed for his brand-new ID photo. The sheriffs office believed the photo was too excellent not to share, so they shared the image on their Facebook page.

A number of those who discovered the image online could not help but reveal their adoration for the brave dog.

” Wow, what a stunning dog. Lookout fellow law enforcement officers, your brand-new fuzzy fellow comrade will have all the female officers drooling,” composed one user.

” He is such a handsome officer. He can definitely strike a present! I want him success, safety and health to guide him in his career. When he is off responsibility he would be really dapper in a Christmas vest and tie!!” said another.

His fans are likely waiting for another comparable image for this years vacation season.

” Happy National Dog Day from K-9 Chico and all of us here at the OCSO!,” stated the posts caption.

” K9 Chico is ready for the pawlidays … are you #K 9 #lawenforcement #policedog,” the caption read.

InstagramPolice pet dogs are highly valued members of police. They play several important roles in the force, such as identifying narcotics and explosives, locating missing people, and discovering crime scene evidence. This makes them one of the most popular animals on the planet.

Instagram” With the exception of my own boy, hes the handsomest law enforcement officer Ive seen. Well done Corporal Chico!” commented one user.

When hes off-duty, Chico is similar to your regular canine. He deals with his handler and his household. He takes pleasure in playing tug of war and enjoys Kong food toys.

” K-9 Chico postured for his brand-new ID badge today. He even wore a tie for the image,” they composed in the caption.

Chico is a German Shepherd working in drug detection and as a patrol dog for the said department. Turns out, he takes photo day as seriously as he takes his task as a cops canine.

” This picture has actually created a lovely reaction from our neighborhood and the nation,” Myers said. “Members of the Orange County Sheriffs Office are happy to see K-9 Chicos effort as a patrol pet celebrated by such a large audience.”

Instagram” With the exception of my own boy, hes the handsomest authorities officer Ive seen.” He is such a good-looking officer. When he is off task he would be extremely dapper in a Christmas vest and tie!!” stated another.

InstagramThe Orange County Constables Office in Florida just recently held its yearly picture day. And while everyone looked sharp, one employee stuck out from all the rest: a K-9 officer dressed to impress.

Bailey Myers, the representative for the Orange County Sheriffs Office, stated that Corporal Lees desired Chico to feel extra unique during the photoshoot.

FacebookDuring Christmas last year, the puppy looked all festive using a Santa hat while positioning for a picture next to a Christmas tree and other decorations.

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