5-year-old girl with kidney cancer proves ‘bald is beautiful’ with magical Disney-themed photoshoot

Ashley Richer Photography” To see her do something thats truly like an unique experience simply puts into point of view to take pleasure in all the little things, however also the big things, and to truly concentrate on the positive,” he includes. “Shes just representative of bald is stunning and bald can be a Disney princess, and shes caring on every minute of it.”

Thats precisely what Arianna Taft, a child fighting an aggressive form of kidney cancer, did two weeks ago.

Ashley Richer PhotographySometimes, all it takes is an easy game of dress-up to make a 5-year-old woman delighted.

Arianna is such a motivation. Looking at these pictures and seeing the smile on her face simply informs us shes the sweetest and bravest lady in the world!

Ashley Richer Photography” She simply appears like Elsa, when she gets her magic powers and shes just invoking a storm. That is whatever that Ariannas embodied since that film came out,” Ryan adds.

Ashley discovered of Ariannas story through a client of hers. She reached out to Ryan and asked him which princesses were his childs favorites. She then bought all the attires needed for the wonderful photoshoot.

The photographer behind the sensational outcomes is the wonderful Ashley Richer, who has actually been contributing themed photoshoots to kids with cancer given that 2018.

” Taylor was really the first one,” Ryan says. “And Ariana got to cut her hair and do all of that, and she liked the procedure.”

Ryan feels so happy of his daughter for being an embodiment of strength, specifically for little women around the world who are going through the exact same ordeal.

When tests revealed she had a 13-centimeter growth on her kidney, the little girl was detected with kidney cancer earlier this year. Doctors have actually effectively eliminated the tumor and the kidney, she still had cancer “on her other kidney, her lungs, her liver, her lymph nodes,” according to Ryan.

The day was just as impressive for Ashley as it was for the kid and her household.

” She is simply the sweetest little thing,” she states.

Arianna was shy at initially, she was unquestionably a natural in front of the camera.

With a green screen as a backdrop, Ashley snapped photos of Arianna donning her princess attire and doing various in-character postures. After the session, she edited each image and provided them the appropriate Disney movie background.

Arianna just recently took part in a photoshoot that allowed her to live her Disney princess dreams for a day. Ryan Taft, her daddy, said it was a surreal experience seeing his child take part in this once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot.

Ashley Richer PhotographyShe thought of sponsoring photoshoots for these children when her sons finest friend, Lia, passed away from cancer in 2017.

Arianna took pleasure in the photoshoot a lot that Ryan says its “among the big brilliant areas throughout her treatment process.”

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The wonderful images showed her as Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Elsa from Frozen, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Merida from Brave.

” You hear cancer and you believe all the bad things that are related to it, but … she hasnt permitted a single day to be challenging,” the happy daddy discusses. “You cant take a look at her and see what shes going through and not feed off of that strength.”

” Just make other individualss lives much better by something so easy as taking an image and then just being imaginative with it,” she said.

” To see her impersonated her favorite wonderful princess and all the other ones is just unbelievable,” he tells PEOPLE. “I take a look at the images and I know its Ari, I know its my child, but it actually looks like she might be starring in her own motion picture, which is just incredibly special and remarkable.”

Ashley Richer PhotographyWhile going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Arianna started losing her hair. To show their support, Ryan and his sweetheart, Taylor Seaboyer, eliminated their hair, too.

Ashley remembers. Ashley discovered of Ariannas story through a client of hers. She reached out to Ryan and asked him which princesses were his childs favorites. She then purchased all the attires needed for the wonderful photoshoot.

” She lost her battle right before she turned 2. And after that, I felt in ones bones I needed to do something like, what can I do to assist these kids when theyre sick?” Ashley recalls. “I chose to do what I know best, which is producing magic from an electronic camera.”

” Instantly like she was a design, like having so much enjoyable, smiling the entire time,” Taylor remembers of the shoot.

She understood she had discovered her purpose when she began doing these sessions.

” She is simply the sweetest little thing,” she says. “She is now a good friend for me for life. Shes awesome.”

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