Today I Love Thoughts Of Liberty

Today I enjoy that I seem rather wordy today, whichs regrettable, I have things to state and area to write them down in so here they are. I like that we fried up the most incredible breakfast today, eggs, potatoes with onion and mushrooms, honey garlic sausages, the meatiest tomatoes from our own garden and all provided with a side of toast made from homemade bread and slathered with homemade jam, damn that was excellent stuff! I like that we oversleeped, had coffee in bed, and consumed late, all with the intent of having no lunch, an early supper, and a decent sized night snack. If we do not beware we might begin taking in continental dinners at eight or 9 which would be simply great with me cause I will continuously accept an experience no matter the scale or size.
Today I enjoy my partner, my home, my life, my work, and the terrific and marvelous drink that continues to sustain me onward and ever into more experiences, yay for coffee!
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