Watch the priceless reaction of an elderly pizza delivery man when he received the biggest tip of his life

The couple told him this generosity was all a product of love from the TikTok community. Newey didnt understand what the platform was.

A Papa Johns pizza shipment male just recently got the surprise of his life when he received a generous idea from one of his regulars.

In the beginning, the guy thought that the gift was the tee shirt with his catchphrase printed on it. The merch which Valdez produced for his TikTok viewers was just a little portion of his surprise.

Im just thankful we could assist him,” Valdez said. “We just need to deal with individuals with generosity and regard the way he does.

” Its ridiculous. Everybody enjoys him,” Valdez informed KSL TV.

Derlin Newey is an 89-year-old pizza delivery guy who has actually become a cherished character in the TikTok community after Carlos Valdez– also referred to as @vendingheads in the social networks app– shared a series of videos revealing his pleasant pizza deliveries.

Even though Valdez has provided Neweys $12,000 “suggestion,” hes still accepting contributions for the humble shipment male. Because his story made the news, TikTok and Twitter users have been sending out more funds to his Venmo account.

TikTok” Collectively as a TikTok community, we all came together, and we were able to raise $12,000 for this remarkable person,” he said happily.

Their deals have ended up being so regular that Newey joked he was visiting their house for the 1,000 th time in one TikTok video.

As @vendingheads continued sharing clips of Neweys deliveries, their 68.9 K TikTok fans likewise quickly ended up being fans of the elderly male.

The Valdez family informed the outlet they were enjoyed have helped somebody who actually deserved it.

The couple later on presented him with the $12,000 check. Newey was caught off guard upon seeing his name on it, so the couple described where the cash originated from.

TikTokTheir hope is that Newey wouldnt need to work so hard any more with all the cash hes gotten and will be receiving from sweet strangers on the web.

Wishing to utilize his platform for some great, Valdez asked their followers to make a contribution to Newey through his Venmo account. They believed they would be able to gather a couple of dollars, however incredibly, the TikTok community stepped up. It didnt take long prior to they had the ability to raise $12,000!

TikTokIn the clips, Newey would constantly welcome Valdez with his signature tag line “Hello, are you trying to find some pizza?” whenever he opens his door to get his order. He has ended up being the familys favorite shipment male because of his compassion. In reality, they would always request him as their shipment man whenever theyre yearning for some Papa Johns pizza.

” Good morning, man! How you doing?” he stated as Newey opened the door.

” How do I ever state thank you?” he stated with tears in his eyes. “I do not understand what to say.”

While fans continuously sent messages of love to Newey, numerous commenters also questioned why he was still providing pizzas at his age. Valdez recognized they were right; an 89-year-old man should not be working that much anymore.

Last week, Valdez and his better half went to the delivery man in his Roy, Utah, home to provide his surprise.

Theyve also created a Venmo represent him, so if you would like to help this friendly delivery man, you can do so by sending out funds to Neweys own account: @derlin- newey.

See Neweys psychological response to his surprise gift in the video listed below.

TikTokIn a video interview, Newey said that he lives alone in his mobile house. He still working since he could not rely on his Social Security alone to manage his costs. To make ends meet, he works around 30 hours weekly, providing pizzas to Papa Johns consumers.

” No,” he stated with an expression of disbelief. “Why would you do such a thing?”

89-year old Derlin Newey began providing pizzas to make ends fulfill. Heres our story for @KSL5TV on the shipment he never ever saw coming.
— Alex Cabrero (@KSL_AlexCabrero) September 23, 2020

Kadey informed him about the Venmo Challenge shes doing, where she asked her followers to Venmo her percentages of change so she can donate cash to servers and other individuals in requirement. After discussing, she handed the violinist $1,000 in cash!

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“My moms lease resembles $600, and I have like $175,” Kevin addressed.

He put up a sign in front of him that read, “Need to assist my mommy with rent, God bless.”

Lexy Kadey, a TikToker who has more than 1.1 M followers, approached him and asked how close he was to his mommys rent.

Kevin was left speechless because of her unexpected act of kindness. As a thank you, he asked Kadey if he could offer her a hug!

Another recipient of the TikTok neighborhoods kindness is this young male named Kevin, who was playing the violin outside a Target shop to assist his mom pay rent.

Because of his kindness, he has become the households preferred shipment guy. They would constantly request him as their delivery man whenever theyre yearning for some Papa Johns pizza.

Desiring to utilize his platform for some good, Valdez asked their fans to make a donation to Newey through his Venmo account. TikTokIn a video interview, Newey said that he lives alone in his mobile home. 89-year old Derlin Newey began delivering pizzas to make ends meet.

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