Today I Love My New Life

Hi coffee!

Today I enjoy that if you cant discover my “Today I Love …” posts on Facebook for whatever factor, you have my authorization to envision me at the cottage at any time of the year, visiting the market on Saturday mornings, going to musical events, talking on the radio, cooking in my kitchen, sitting quietly in my recliner and composing while the rain falls or the sun shines, while the laundry rumbles or the stock pot bubbles or the roomba wanders the floorings or the birds call out to me or the kids pass by laughing on their method to or from school, since that is more than likely what will be going on in my life and you can make up words I may utilize to describe those things.

Today I like drinking coffee and wanting you all well, and hoping that we reunite somewhere. Today I enjoy you all, its been a piece, Im your most significant fan. I enjoy that this is not me biding farewell, its simply me saying … “Hello, coffee.”

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