This man made history as the first traveler in a wheelchair to visit all 7 continents

Cory, 30, was identified with spine muscular atrophy at an extremely young age. He started using a wheelchair at the age of 4 since of his condition. His mom, Sandy Gilbreath, raised him as a single moms and dad.

InstagramAlthough looking after a kid with a disability was difficult, she made sure that Cory didnt lose out on the enjoyable things in life. Sandy, who worked as an instructor, took him on journey throughout summer breaks throughout his youth. The thrilling experience of checking out brand-new places fired up Corys wanderlust, motivating him to set a long-lasting objective of checking out all seven continents.

Very few people can say that they have actually checked out all 7 continents, but among the lucky few who can is this wheelchair-user named Cory Lee.

Instagram” We were on the last cruise to Antarctica [prior to borders closed],” Cory informed Good Morning America. “It was surreal. There were icebergs, mountains of ice, penguins. It was everything you would picture and more. I was relocated to tears.”

Fittingly, Cory had the ability to do that right before the pandemic started. He and his mom took a trip to Antarctica in February, prior to the borders closed. It was the last and seventh continent off his list.

He made history doing so, as he became the first-ever wheelchair user to go to all the 7 continents!

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Cory has actually been to 37 nations, but his trips to Antarctica and Morocco are his favorites.

InstagramWhen Cory started going on experiences, there werent numerous online resources discussing accessible travel. To help other travelers with specials needs check out the world as he does, he decided to share his knowledge in the Curb Free with Cory Lee blog site.

” I didnt have high expectations of Morocco,” he said. “But the alleyways of Marrakesh, the snake charmers, it blew me away.

” Traveling to all 7 continents wasnt something I made certain was going to be possible,” he said. “But if you remain identified and keep a positive attitude, the opportunities are unlimited.”

According to Cory, taking a trip in a wheelchair requires comprehensive preparation and research. He would also call up hotels or rental homes in the area to request images and verify if they are genuinely as available as they declare to be.

Its a lot of work, but its always the very best thing to do to prevent inconveniences throughout his journeys.

Thanks to his decision and the availability provided by many companies, Cory was able to go on many interesting experiences. He experienced riding a camel in the Sahara Desert, drifting in the Caribbean Sea, and flying on wheelchair-accessible hot air balloons over Las Vegas, Israel, and Spain. He also went on bold adventures, including zip-lining throughout an alligator-infested lake in Orlandos Gatorland using an unique sling.

The book was released on June 26, a date that implied a lot to Cory. It was the day the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed.

InstagramAlthough taking care of a kid with a special needs was challenging, she guaranteed that Cory didnt miss out on the enjoyable things in life. The awesome experience of checking out new locations ignited Corys wanderlust, motivating him to set a long-lasting goal of visiting all seven continents.

Cory says there are “so lots of business doing fantastic things,” that taking a trip in a wheelchair now “is totally possible.”

Theyve been to 37 countries, Cory and his mother strategy to add more to their list once the pandemic is over.

Fittingly, Cory was able to do that simply prior to the pandemic begun. According to Cory, traveling in a wheelchair requires extensive planning and research study. Thanks to his determination and the ease of access offered by many business, Cory was able to go on lots of interesting experiences.

InstagramAiming to promote representation of the wheelchair-using neighborhood, Cory and his mother wrote a childrens book titled, “Lets Explore with Cor Cor.” The story is about a kid who travels around the world in his powered wheelchair.

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