How To Change Your Behaviors & Thoughts

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If you are having marital issues due to the fact that of always working and never ever being home for dinner, for discussion, or for household time but can not determine the source of the problem (i.e, working too much), your beliefs around it (” I have to work”), and the repercussions (i.e., getting into an argument with your husband).

In this brief article (video), I go over the A-B-C Model of habits management.

Changing your behavior needs an understanding of what is triggering you, triggering your beliefs and behaviors, and leading to negative or positive repercussions. Without this comprehending it will be hard to change what is causing the problem.

Most individuals feel that behaviors (along with ideas) are difficult to change.

Behavior adjustment requires commitment, guts, and strength.

The A-B-C- Model is a type of cognitive habits therapy which focused on the connection between your thoughts, behaviors, and sensations. The A-B-C- Model consists of:

For a step-by-step guide on utilizing this model, enjoy my latest video here:.

How To Change Your Behaviors & & Thoughts.

Antecedents (triggers).

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